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Networking, community, inspiration and nature – we are putting all these together for you to create a unique event in South Tyrol. AMA Stay was created to provide workation accommodation. Here you can not only do what you love and what you are passionate about, but also what will help you both personally and professionally. Work, holidays and relaxation as well as the chance to recharge your batteries and expand your network by meeting bright, creative and like-minded people.

The second edition of our AMA Community Days will take place from 16 to 20 October 2024.

Our community has voted: This time, the focus will be on "Travel & Cultural Immersion". This topic is not only very important to our community, but also to us at AMA Stay. Our concept and our core values are based on the goal of better, more sustainable and more valuable tourism.

Experience exciting days full of workshops, talks and cultural experiences. Join us as we explore the world of travel and tourism of the future together. Together we will dive into topics such as digital nomadism, sustainable travel, cultural sensitivity in tourism and much more. We will exchange ideas with experts, develop new ideas and shape the future of travelling together. Join us and be inspired!

We are working on an exciting programme, more information will be available soon - so stay tuned!

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Don't miss out on this unique opportunity: Three days full of workshops, networking and mountains. With the AMA Community Days, we have once again realised our vision: the Dolomites as a hub for bright minds with a desire to engage, grow and network.

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This year we are super thrilled to announce that the upcoming edition of the AMA Community Days will be even more special thanks to our partnership with Thrive+.

Thrive+ means "to flourish" and stands for solution-oriented action and peer2peer FLINTA empowerment. Founded by Nora Dejaco in 2023, Thrive+ has grown into an organization with over 100 active members and numerous network partners. In 2024, Thrive+ continues its mission of inclusivity and empowerment through the principles of Inspire, Enable, and Connect.

We always love to collaborate with initiatives that genuinely stem from curiosity, ambition and connection with other great minds of our time. And also, neighbours! Because Thrive+ also originates from South Tyrol and is a great proof that our local community is increasingly eager to grow and improve. As part of the AMA Community Days, Thrive+ will host an exciting part of our program on October 18, 2024. To us, there’s no better way to further the mission of both organizations to foster meaningful connections.

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AMA Community Days. Three days packed with workshops and networking opportunities, surrounded by the mountains that have realised AMA Stay’s vision to promote the Dolomites as a hub for brilliant minds wishing to further develop and make useful contacts for the future.

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In our workation accommodation you will find ample space for both you and your projects as well as a great community providing mutual inspiration and cooperation. Our AMA Community stands for openness, inclusivity and curiosity to understand each other as people and members of a community.

The AMA Community Days are your chance to be part of this unique and constantly expanding community that strives for top performance and provides support for its members.

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the AMA Community Days 2024. Find out how you can participate, what options are available and much more.

How can I take part in the AMA Community Days?

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  • Full Event Experience: 4 nights/5 days stay including all workshops and activities, breakfast and planned catering.
  • Day Pass: Daily programme of the selected event day including lunch. Get a Day Pass now and decide later which day you would like to attend.

What does the programme look like?

We are working intensively to bring the best speakers and experts to San Vigilio for the AMA Community Days. As soon as the first programme highlights have been finalised, you will be informed on our social media and via newsletter.

Do I need to take part in every workshop?

You are free to make the most of your flexibility and attend as many workshops as you can or would like to! Your AMA Community Days Pass includes access to all activities in the programme* and it is up to your preferences or availability to attend them all or your favourite ones.

Do I have time to work during the programme?

Of course! To get the most out of all our activities, we have created a complete programme without saturation. This will keep your mind fresh all day long and ready to absorb inspiration at every turn and enjoy free time to work on your own projects, relax or explore the surroundings of the Dolomites. Balance is key!

How to get to the AMA Community Days and to AMA Stay?

Most of the program will take place at AMA Stay or will be the meeting point for access to external activities. Find the easiest way to reach AMA Stay here.

In which language will the event be held?

All workshops, impulse talks and sessions will be held in English to ensure inclusivity for our international community.

How can my company benefit from participating in the AMA Community Days?

The AMA Community Days at AMA Stay in the Dolomites offer a unique opportunity for companies to enhance teambuilding, training, and foster networking opportunities.

By participating in this event, your team can immerse themselves in workshops, talks, and activities focused on the theme of Travel & Cultural Immersion. Additionally, the AMA Stay environment provides the ideal setting for workation, allowing your team to experience a productive and inspiring atmosphere while connecting with a vibrant and thriving community.

How do I apply to be a session speaker at AMA Community Days?

To apply for AMA Community Days 2024, kindly reach out to to be added to our list of interested speakers.

How can I connect with the AMA Community on social?

Use the #AMACommunityDays hashtag when posting and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned and not miss a thing! Follow the AMA Stay socials channels on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

How can I become an AMA Community Days 2024 sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor for the AMA Community Days 2024 offers your company a chance to showcase its support for community engagement, cultural immersion, and sustainable tourism.

To become a sponsor, please contact for more information on available sponsorship packages and how your company can get involved.

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