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Expect stony uphill routes through forests, barren rock faces and plateaus with views of the Dolomites. Trail running in the Dolomites is not just for professionals - beginners will also find the ideal conditions to get started with this fascinating sport. As exhausting as trail running may be, it is also rewarding as you are at peace with yourself. You can clear your head, stress levels are reduced, and your body is tired, but in a good way.

If you are here for the first time, you will see there is a large selection of routes available, which will slowly introduce you to the sport of trail running whilst allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of the Dolomites. We would be happy to advise you on your choice of route!

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Why not challenge yourself and experience the magic of skyrunning or mountain running in the South Tyrolean Dolomites? Take on the varied terrain and feel how it targets different muscles. Give it your all, pay attention and concentrate. Let the feeling of pure freedom wash over you as you roam through the great outdoors, uphill, downhill and at one with nature. Even if it is hard work, and you have to give everything and more, you will be rewarded once you reach the top. The view will remind you why you love what you do. It’s an adventure that will inspire you.

Did you know?

Skyrunning is the alpine and more technically challenging form of trail running. So, when can you really call yourself a skyrunner?

The International Skyrunning Association was founded in 1995 by a pioneer of modern skyrunning, Italian mountaineer Marino Giacometti. This organisation hosts official skyrunning events with specific course criteria.

The routes must be in alpine terrain with an altitude above 2000 m where the climbing difficulty does not exceed grade II on the UIAA scale, and the incline is over 30%. In some cases, it is necessary to cross glaciers and old snow fields, which is how this running discipline differs from mountain running.

What are the main skyrunning disciplines?

Vertical: Distance of maximum 5km; 1,000m altitude difference; only uphill

Sky: Distance from 20 to 49km; climbs of 1,300m altitude; uphill and downhill

Ultra: Distance from 50 to 99km; Minimum climbs of 3,200m altitude; uphill and downhill; time limit of 16 hours

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Mountain running is a competition involving significant differences in altitude. Typically, a mountain or high elevation is the goal or stopover. The route takes in hiking trails, mountain paths and sometimes even roads. There is no standard definition for a mountain run, as they depend largely on the geographical conditions and regional customs and vary in distance, difference in altitude and surface. Examples are the mountain marathon (42.195 km, at least 1,000 m altitude) and the ultra ultra-mountain run (more than 42.195 km, at least 2,000 m altitude).

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Where there are great trails, there are also great events! Runners from around the world meet here to take on the unbelievable sporting challenge and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.


Dolomites Saslong Halbmarathon– 08/06/24: 21 km – 900 m altitude difference

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 26-30/06/24: 10 km – 200+ altitude difference – 1 hour 45 minutes / 20 km – 1,000+ altitude difference – 4 hours / 50 km – 2,600+ altitude difference – 12 hours / 80 km – 4,600+ altitude difference – 22 hours / 120 km – 5,800+ altitude difference – 30 hours

Südtirol Rosengarten Sky Marathon– 13/07/24: 42,2 km - 2,863 altitude difference

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