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Welcome to AMA Art.

Here, the doors open to local and international artists who bring their visions of our guiding themes to life. AMA Art is not just an exhibition; it is a meeting place for community, socialising and cultural experiences through the lens of art. Discover with us how creativity and community merge!

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5 February to 14 April 2024

At AMA Stay, FOCUS stands for a strong personal and professional development. We foster an inspiring environment that enables people to work creatively, drive their own projects and sharpen their individual vision. It is a pillar that supports growth, innovation and personal success.

This focus is taken up in the second AMA Art exhibition by the artists Max Brenner, Philipp Klammsteiner and EGEON. Their works illustrate how inspiring environments can promote growth, innovation and personal success.

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EGEON is specialised in watercolour and murals. His art draws inspiration from humanity and its behaviour. He explores how our minds work and how we see the world around us. His unique style uses soft brush strokes that can be found on large buildings and in various cities such as Turin, Havana and Barcelona.

EGEON Luca Guadagnini

Max Brenner paints figuratively, photorealistically and sometimes mixes his works with abstract painting. In this way, he creates strong contrasts, vivid, eternal colours with rhythm, depth and multiple dimensions. Viewers can be drawn into mostly detailed and complex compositions. Brenner often deals with alienation. For him, this is an individual and social condition in which relationships between people follow rules that go unnoticed by them, preventing them from discovering their own needs and potential. This feeling often leads Brenner to create dark, threatening scenarios reminiscent of science fiction.

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Philipp Klammsteiner combines graphic design with street art to create a unique visual aesthetic. His career has been shaped by the skateboard and graffiti underground scene, which is reflected in his creative approach. In his own graphic design studio, he combines analogue and digital elements, favouring collage, stencils and spray cans. His artworks deal with topics such as social networks and their impact on our society.

Philipp klammsteiner

December 4th - January 28th

STAY at AMA Stay means more than just inhabiting a place. It is a commitment to put down roots, to ground yourself and thus gain the freedom to develop ideas and find inspiration. It is about more than just 'staying'. It's about consciously remaining, immersing yourself in your surroundings and creating a space where creativity can flourish.

The artists bring their unique perspectives and forms of expression to explore the concept of STAY in all its facets.

In the exhibited works, they explore the different aspects of staying, be it putting down roots, connecting with the environment or finding an inner home. Each artist brings her unique perspective and creative energy to this reflection on STAY, and the results promise a fascinating journey through the complexity of this theme.

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In our auction at the end of 2024, the works of all artists will be auctioned off and all proceeds will benefit a local project. AMA Stay is not only about welcoming guests, but also about actively contributing to positive change in our region. With every piece of art auctioned, we create something lasting and meaningful together. Look forward to not only discovering inspiring art, but also contributing to a sustainable and supportive community.

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