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The AMA Stay family

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Guess how many different nationalities work for AMA Stay! Guess how many languages ​​we speak at AMA Stay!

AMA Stay represents a modern and cosmopolitan accommodation concept. We love diversity and are convinced that a mix of different cultures and languages ​​enriches us as people. This applies to both our guests as well as our team and is without a doubt down to our origins. In South Tyrol, particularly here in the Ladin part of the region, communicating with each other in different languages is part and parcel of everyday life. We embrace the different cultures and are used to speaking each other's language. This unique melting pot, together with the mutual respect and coexistence demonstrated within it, offer enormous potential for social development on a daily basis. At AMA Stay, we want to grow together and learn from each other.

Many languages ​​are spoken at AMA Stay. Due to our cultural diversity and location, we have defined our main languages as English and Italian. Of course, many of us also speak German or Ladin, some speak Croatian or Farsi and others Ukrainian or Albanian.

We are very much looking forward to an inspiring collaboration and to guests and staff engaging in productive exchanges so that at the end of the day all wishes have been voiced and fulfilled.

Together we make up the AMA Stay family.

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